Mother India

November 20th, 2010

Mother India is a very sad story, director used a detailed way to depict a poor family in India. Durga’s father is a nice guy, smile always on his face and that is a big contract with Durga’s mother who is a serious housewife and she is very care about people how to think about her and Durga. And one of the scenes that I like so much which is Durga and her little brother were standing in the farm field to hear the train sound, this is another contract between tradition and modernization. For Durga and her brother, they just have a little desire which is they want their dad to bring them to look at the train. And compare with the modern people’s desire, I think Durga’s desire is so simple and easy.

Also, Mother India’s director is bringing us to another world where is totally different form our environment and life. He is showing us that how lucky we are, we have to cherish what we have. And I think the character’s personality in this film is very clear and we know that what they want, we can easily get it form their facial expression and tone.

Psycho – “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”

November 20th, 2010

This is my first time to watch Psycho and I think this is a great movie though, director’s clear editing and powerful background music are giving me surprise. I think this movie conveys some imply messages to an audience and the following points are my observation.

(character) Norman: I think his name also meaning ” NO MAN”, it can represent his personality. He has no friends and no goal but his mother. He is not a mature person and always acting like a kid. (always eating candy and snacks) I think Norman refuses to grow up in his deeply mind because he wants to be his mother son forever, he doesn’t want things get change. He loves his mother so much so he can’t accept his mother in love with other men but him. I think this is the key point to make him turn to be a mental patient.

Norman’s home and Bates motel: As I see, Norman and his mother’s house is located at the top of hill and the motel is located at the bottom of hill. From this I can see Norman put his mother in a very high position in his mind (the house is represent his mother) and the motel represents Norman which is always under his mother. This is a complicated feeling and thinking in Norman’s mind