Umberto D

November 10th, 2010

Umberto D is a neo-realist classic, I see nothing about happy and joyful in this movie. And the background music is giving me a mood like without helpful, the characters give me the feeling as the following.

Umberto represents a old man without dignity.
Maria represents a lower class woman.
Landlady represents an upstart with cold blood.
These characters are reflecting the society environment at that time.

To my thinking, Mr. Umberto is a poor lonely guy, he has no real friends but his doggy (Flike) and Maria. He has no enough money to pay for the rent and he also tries to maintain his dignity for not begging money in the street so he sent Flike to doing that. No one wants to give a hand to Mr. Umberto and no one wants to listening Mr. Umberto’s encounter even his old friends and colleagues. Actually Umberto is a simple old man, he just wants to have the basic human needs like food, shelter and friendship but no one can offer these to him. What a selfish and cold blood society that Mr. Umberto lived in……

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