Early Summer – 麥秋

November 10th, 2010

To my thinking, Early Summer is a simple story with the complicated message and serenity & emotional richness inside. Ozu’s film style is slow and quiet, I think Ozu wants his audience to slow down the beat to enjoy every details (i.e. furniture in the house), scenes (character’s micro facial expression) and background music. Ozu wants his audiences appreciates his films.

About the character, of course I like Noriko so much because her personality is so positive. She is a nice and  helpful girl with a sweet smile but unfortunately she is living in postwar Japan with traditional and modern values so it has some little clashes in her family. Like Noriko’s family always pushing her to get a husband but she has her own idea. Noriko is a independent woman, she has a good job and stable income to support her family living expenses. Even her outside look is like a western woman but she still has a traditional personality and thinking in her mind. In Japan,man is playing a important role in the family and I can see the inequality between man and woman. Like Noriko’s brother always yelling at his wife and his mother, therefore his son is acting like his father and he treats his grandpa and Noriko impolitely. Such a negative and bad education to the next generation. But Noriko and her sister in-law are accepting this with quietly because they are a tradition Japanese woman.

Umberto D

November 10th, 2010

Umberto D is a neo-realist classic, I see nothing about happy and joyful in this movie. And the background music is giving me a mood like without helpful, the characters give me the feeling as the following.

Umberto represents a old man without dignity.
Maria represents a lower class woman.
Landlady represents an upstart with cold blood.
These characters are reflecting the society environment at that time.

To my thinking, Mr. Umberto is a poor lonely guy, he has no real friends but his doggy (Flike) and Maria. He has no enough money to pay for the rent and he also tries to maintain his dignity for not begging money in the street so he sent Flike to doing that. No one wants to give a hand to Mr. Umberto and no one wants to listening Mr. Umberto’s encounter even his old friends and colleagues. Actually Umberto is a simple old man, he just wants to have the basic human needs like food, shelter and friendship but no one can offer these to him. What a selfish and cold blood society that Mr. Umberto lived in……

The Lady Eve

November 10th, 2010

I think this is the masterpiece of Preston Sturges, I love the characters and story so much.
Charles Pike is a honest guy and Jean Harrington is a smart woman, a big contrast pair but good match. And one of the scenes I like so much which is almost all of the women are staring at Pike and they are trying to do something to catch his eyes (of course they are not success but Jane does). I think this is a funny battle, those women know that Pike is a rich guy, and they want to marry him to have a rich and wonderful life. All of them are material girl and they’re competing with each others because of they want to be Mrs. Pike. From this we can tell, they are in love with Pike’s money only not him. Jean is a smart woman, she knows that how to get the thing she wants. She knows that other women are interesting in Pike so she is using her mirror’s reflection to keep looking at Pike’s facial expression and response. At the beginning, Jean and her dad just want to get some money from Pike, Jean never thinks about in love with this guy. But Jean found out Pike is a silly guy but honest so she can’t stop herself in love with him. What a romantic movie with witty battle. And I love the following dialog from Jean so much: ” you don’t know very much about girls. The best ones aren’t as good as you think they are and the bad ones aren’t as bad. Not nearly as bad.” I think this is a meaningful one.