Comment about movie “M”

October 8th, 2010

Basically I don’t think “M” is a horror film or crime dram, I think it’s a philosophical film. Actually the Killer Hans Beckert is a complicated person, sometime I think he is lacking human emotion when he is killing a little girl but at the end of the movie I find out he is a poor guy because he doesn’t want to kill those little girls and he just can’t escape or control the evil compulsion that over take him. Every time when I see the images of Beckert’s oversized, fearful eyes, I think Fritz Lang is trying to set the mood of ugly humanity in this character and I think this picture more effectively than any dialogue could. I also like the shadow of Hans Beckert was showing in the notice and his whistling because those are Beckert’s unique character and this foreshadows the appearance of Hans Beckert – a serial killer is coming.

This movie is showing us the Germany’s society environment at 1920 which is an sin era but Lang tries to show us the cops and gangster still has a humanity. Even they are defying each other , but they are also helping the other’s needs to hunt the serial killer. Humanity is the powerful thing to make people turn into solidify.

“Citizen Kane” comment

October 8th, 2010

Orson Welles is a smart person, he used a completely different way to narrated Kane’s story. At the beginning, the scene is showing Kane is almost pass away but he left a hint for us – “Rosebud”. This is a smart way to attract the audience to keep watching the whole movie and find out the meaning of “Rosebud”. (even this movie is kind of old and boring but I still wanna find out the truth so I keep watching it and paying attention in every details to find out the meaning of “Rosebud”)

After that, we see Kane’s wife, friend, assistant to describe Kane is what kind of person and what he did, etc. The audience has to go through the third person to know more about Kane, and I think this is the funny thing and Orson Welles used a fresh way to narrated a story which is totally different from a usual movie. And about the camera shooting and lighting, Welles was doing a good move in this point too. He used the low angle to shoot the indoor scene and using the sense of space to emphasize the character’s relationship, for example, Kane and Susan’s sense of alienation is always display in their big, grand home, they always have to speak to each other in a long distance which means their relationship is not really close as a usual couple. Welles also using the strong low-light effect to make the contrast between characters, it can make the audience to know what’s going on just look at the image and without any dialogue.

In conclusion, I think Citizen Kane is a good movie because Orson concentrated on the images, character’s expression more than the dialogue and I think this is pretty hard to use the little dialogue to express more plots.